Shipping policy

Shipping Isopods

LAG ONLY FOR FEDEX HUB DELIVERIES due to national weather situations

We only ship Isopods Monday – Wednesday.

If your order is placed Thursday – Sunday, the next possible shipping date would be the following Monday – Wednesday.

If during transit the Isopods are experiencing any temperatures over 90°F, or below 40°F, we will only ship to a FEDEX hub with LAG! We use heating and cooling elements when needed.

We cannot be held responsible for carrier delays. We will do everything in our power to ensure the safe live arrival of all Isopods

Shipping overnight is available through FedEx overnight with early
morning delivery. 

DOA on LAG ( Live Arrival Guarantee )

LAG ONLY FOR FEDEX HUB DELIVERIES due to national weather situations

(If there is a DOA under LAG coverage, send me clear photographs of the deceased animals within 6 hours of receipt. I will refund the purchase price (not including shipping) or reship once, at my discretion, although every effort will be made to accommodate your preference if one is expressed.)